Take care of the primary mission: pure, clean, reliable water.

Parks are nice, but not the primary mission for a Water District. I understand how OMWD got into the park business. I will help guide policy to minimize the cost of this obligation for the rate payers.

Have you ever noticed how other Water Districts have built palaces for their headquarters with the rate payers money? OMWD has very modest offices and I will make sure that only what is needed is built. No Taj Mahal for OMWD.

OWMD has joined forces with other Water Districts by participating in the North San Diego Water Reuse Coalition. Time is money and there is no time to waste. Water treatment technologies are rapidly changing with revolutionary processes that are (or are about to) become commercially available. We must pursue potable reuse of the already highly treated waste water that is dumped every day into the ocean at the Encina WWTP. I will bring my 36 years of private industry management experience to make sure this is done in a cost effective manner that protects rate payers.